Zero-fee Promotion on Spot


Start & End Date


We are happy to announce the current promotion with KuCoin. It’s a zero-fee promotion on SPOT for all users(including market makers).


  1. At the extended start time of the event, 2022/10/19 10:00 (UTC), there will be about 5 seconds of cache time, and the 0 fee rate will not take effect;
  2. For the fairness of all market makers, we will delete the self-trading maker trading volume scores of the following currency pairs at the beginning of next month. (Does not affect the following currency pairs that are not self-trading maker trading volume scores and other target trading pair scores)
  3. For more information, check KuCoin’s information here

Eligibility Criteria & Benefits

During this event, all users will enjoy 0 maker and taker fees for the trading pairs listed above.