At Veri, our website is the home to our content where curious visitors learn about metabolic health. It’s also where excited customers come to start their health journey and manage their subscription (and soon to be much, much more!).

So, we’re looking for a talented UX/UI Designer who can not only work through UX problems with our engineers to improve retention the one day but also embody our brand through beautiful design working with our designers the next. Yes, we’re looking for a very special person.

You’ll most likely have deep experience working as a UX/UI designer but also have a great eye for amazing design having produced many great sites. You’ll have a knack for discovering and defining problems and get excited about adding value throughout the customer journey.

You won’t be alone. You’ll be working with an incredibly talented Growth & Marketing team who are all growth-minded folks looking to build amazing things.

What will you be doing?

What skills and experience do you need?