About Veri

At Veri we help health-conscious individuals improve their metabolic health by helping them understand what, when, and how to eat. With the Veri mobile app talking to a wearable glucose monitor we translate complex glycemic responses into simple scores to help inform and motivate users to make the best choices possible for their metabolic health.

We’re a hybrid team of +30 people based around the world but mainly in Helsinki and New York.

Our journey started in a hacker house in the Bay Area where three frustrated, driven-to-build-things-kind-of-minds, got together to build a product that wasn't available to us and our closest community.

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Data and the interpretation of it is a lifeline, the red thread, for all the things we do at Veri. We are looking for a Data Analyst to join our multidisciplinary data team and help us with:

This list is not exhaustive at all, and you'll have a lot of autonomy over your work.

What do we expect?

What do we appreciate?