What is humanOS?

humanOS is a highly credible digital health training platform designed to help individuals become better at taking care of their health over time, and also designed to make being healthy today easier and more practical.

What is your group offering?

You can offer humanOS to your entire community, or parts of your community, for a low monthly rate. It is our mission to create high value, accessible-cost solutions to support health. Everyone deserves access to this style of support. See our tiered pricing below.

I'm interested to offer humanOS to my community. How do I get started?

Get started in three easy steps:

  1. Email us: Send us a quick email and let us know you're interested to start the group plan: groups@humanOS.me
  2. Send your logo: Send us your logo or send us a webpage with your logo on it so we can make your registration page.
  3. Fill out billing form: Fill out this form so we can get your billing information.

After we have your billing information and have had the chance to create your group registration page, you are ready to start offering humanOS to your community.

We will pro-rate your first month based on the actual number of days in the first month your account is active.

I'm interested but I have questions first. Can I speak with someone?

Yes. Email us here at groups@humanOS.me and we'll happy to answer your questions there or set up a demo to explore the app and discuss your thoughts directly.

How long does it take to get a registration page established?

Once we have your logo, usually less than one day. We email you once it's ready so you can test how it works and see what the user experience is like for individuals in your community.

Can I see what a demo registration page looks like?

Sure thing. Imagine your brand at the very top of this page:

Group registration page demo

What happens when an individual from my community signs up from our registration page?

Signing up from that page will automatically provide that person a Pro account. They will also receive access to the private "Daily Performance Program" which we reserve for groups.