Program overview

Ambassadors are members of the HUMAN community that fulfill one of five specialized roles: Moderator, Creator, Campaigner, Organizer, and Evangelist.

To qualify, an ambassador is expected to have relevant experience, skills, and familiarity with the project and industry. Applications are assessed by the HUMAN team.

For those that don’t fit in any of these five specialized roles, there’s also a sixth role: the HUMAN emissary. HUMAN emissaries are proactive members of the HUMAN community that create project awareness across different channels. They discuss, share, educate, participate in giveaways and AMAs, and create brand awareness. A HUMAN emissary may later apply (or reapply) to become a HUMAN ambassador.

Meaningful contributions made through the program are rewarded in HMT, and participants are entitled to a number of exclusive perks. These include access to exclusive social channels, early access to products and updates, and direct support from the HUMAN team.

Terms and conditions for the HUMAN ambassador program can be found on this page.

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