How to use this guide

This Quick Start Guide is a curated set of instructions and best practices (look for the ⭐s) for implementing the Powered by Fivetran solution.

It's designed to be consumed in two ways:

  1. As a step-by-step instruction manual read from start to finish (recommended).
  2. As a handy reference in the event you get stuck or would like to know our best practices for various parts of the implementation process.

Upon completion of this guide, you will have created one or more data pipelines with Fivetran and implemented a repeatable process for onboarding data from your end-users.

For the purposes of this guide, end-user refers to any customer, group, or person—internal or external to your organization—that you will be collecting data from.


  1. An active Fivetran account (sign up for a free 14-day trial)
  2. A data warehouse or similar data storage service (see full list of supported destinations)
  3. Data—real or sample data— stored in an application, database, Google Sheets spreadsheet or in any of our other supported data sources (see full list of connectors)
  4. Credentials or connection details for the data source(s) you want to access
  5. Experience using web APIs and token-based authentication
  6. REST API Client (e.g. Postman)