Which plans is the Hopin<>Cvent integration currently available on?

The Cvent integration is available on Hopin's Business and Enterprise plans.

What are the capabilities of the Hopin<>Cvent integration?

Currently, our integration with Cvent supports:

  1. Importing registrations from your Cvent events: When someone registers to your event on Cvent, we import these registrations (including all custom fields) into Hopin as Magic Link invitations.
  2. Pushing magic links from Hopin to Cvent: If you wish to send your emails from Cvent, you can specify the field on your registration object that should receive Hopin's magic link.
  3. Automatically export the attendees status from Hopin to Cvent when participants join the event on Hopin.

How often does the Hopin<>Cvent integration sync?

The integration syncs once an hour. This is required due to API rate limiting on Cvent's side.

Attendee status is pushed from Hopin as soon as this is happening (live).

Integration guide

To set-up the integration with Cvent, you will need:

To get started with your Cvent integration:

  1. Go to the Hopin integrations page, at https://hopin.to/organizations/integrations.

  2. Click on the "Connect" button for the Cvent integration.


  3. In the new window, click "New authentication".