Which plans is the Hopin<>Cvent integration currently available on?

The Cvent integration is available on Hopin's Business and Enterprise plans.

What are the capabilities of the Hopin<>Cvent integration?

Currently, our integration with Cvent supports:

  1. Importing registrations from your Cvent events: When someone registers to your event on Cvent, we import these registrations (including all custom fields) into Hopin as Magic Link invitations.
  2. Pushing magic links from Hopin to Cvent: If you wish to send your emails from Cvent, you can specify the field on your registration object that should receive Hopin's magic link.

How often does the Hopin<>Cvent integration sync?

The integration syncs once an hour. This is required due to API rate limiting on Cvent's side.

Integration guide

To set-up the integration with Cvent, you will need:

To get started with your Cvent integration:

  1. Go to the Hopin integrations page, at https://hopin.to/organizations/integrations.

  2. Click on the "Connect" button for the Cvent integration.


  3. In the new window, click "New authentication".


  4. Enter your Cvent credentials:


  5. Click "Add", then "Next". NOTE: Make sure you are using the Cvent API user. Using the web user will pass the authentication step, but the workflow will not work correctly after being set up.