*who can't finish projects or remember things but are really, really intuitive and cool. and funny. and smart. but also just need to find a system that makes boring shit fun and easy so they can stop wasting their time worrying about a chaotic email inbox and finally make space for their creative intuitive brains to thrive

A 4-week, highly interactive, live cohort course designed to teach squiggly-brained people how to create personalized, intuitive systems that make life easier, less cluttered, and more magical. Duh.

Remember the last thing that piqued your interest? That got you *excited-*excited.

An idea that screeched into your prefrontal cortex and left its hazards on, waiting for you to climb in and put the pedal to the metal?

Maybe you dreamed of learning how to use Ableton, so you could produce songs and channel your inner Jack Antonoff.

Or you got trapped on Tiktok's house reno algorithm, and got inspired you to swap out all of your kitchen cabinet hardware and give the whole room a new paint job.

Oh, or you've been sitting on this dreamy idea for an intuitive business... you've bought the URL, you've saved a dozen fonts on Creative Market, made the Pinterest brand mood board... but you haven't pulled the trigger. Yet.

Some invisible force clotheslined you and stopped you in your tracks.

It wasn't that you suddenly lost interest.

Far from it.

But there was something in your unconscious that said, "No, you can barely survive right now, adding anything else onto our plate will obliterate us. Like, RIP me."

So you set your dreams of being the next Lorde on a metaphorical shelf in your mind, kick the kitchen project down the road while the fixtures you impulse-ordered collect dust, or stay at the job that doesn't fulfill you but pays the bills (barely).

OK, I may have unwittingly made your unconscious seem like an asshole — I promise, it's not.

It's actually a very helpful ally. It's keeping you from absolutely losing your shit and reaching peak-burnout. That's good!

Here's the trick — we're just not using our unconscious to our benefit. You gotta make it work for you*, you get me?*

Because if we create intuitive, intelligent systems that we can trust and rely on, our unconscious will know that we can handle more. We won't crumble under pressure, because we've got a system that supports us.