Teams using HiPeople for assessing applicants can access, process and integrate their data hosted by HiPeople infrastructure. This document will go over the basics of accessing HiPeople via its Rest API, listen for updates on the data via webhooks, in order to build link between HiPeople and other complimentary products and platforms your organization uses.

Getting Started

A pair of public and secret key is used for accessing the HiPeople API. You can manage your access keys via settings menu in HiPeople app. Once you have one, you can authenticate HTTP requests to the rest API using the having them in the request headers;

"X-API-Key": {Public Key}
"X-API-Secret": {Secret Key}

Here is how an example cURL request would look like;

curl '<>' \\
	-H 'Accept: application/json' \\
	-H 'X-API-Key: xyz' \\
	-H 'X-API-Secret: qrst'

This document will use the HTTPIE notation for simplicity. Here is how the same request would look like in the HTTPIE notation;

http GET '<>' 'X-API-Key:xyz' 'X-API-Secret:qrst'

Accessing Job Roles

A simple way to get list of job roles in your organization would look like;

http GET '<>' 'X-API-Key:xyz' 'X-API-Secret:qrst'

The API would respond to this request by first checking the access limits of the token specified, and returning the list of open job roles the client is allowed to. The response would look like;

	"list": {
		"total": 1,
		"skip": 0,
		"limit": 10,
		"has_more": false
	"result": [
			"id": "...", 
			"team_id": "...", 
			"assessment_id": "...", 
			"name": "Sales Manager", 
			"is_active": true,
			"is_archived": false,
			"created_at": 123456789


To be more specific about what we're looking for, we can apply filters in the request query. For instance, in order to retrieve only active roles, we can specify is_active[true] filter: