<aside> 👇 In this guide, you’ll find all the resources you need to get started with Kona.


1. What is Kona?

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2. How do I set my team up on Kona?

<aside> ☎️ Feeling stuck? Schedule time with our team to get a live walkthrough.



Not a fan of videos? No problem. Follow these written steps 👇

  1. Use this link to add Kona to Slack.
  2. Identify or create a team Slack channel for check-ins. Do you have an existing, private channel in Slack where you and your direct reports can chat?
  3. Search for the Kona app and click “Add A Team.”
  4. Choose your team channel. You can also create a new channel, there are steps below!
  5. Invite Kona to the channel. Copy /invite @Kona and paste it into the team channel (make sure the Kona app is tagged) It may take a few minutes to create your team.
  6. Fill out your first check-in. Select how you’re feeling and add a detailed description to set an example for your team. Note: 💛 or 🔴 check-ins help your team feel safe to share how they really feel!