<aside> 👇 In this guide, you’ll find all the resources you need to get started with Kona.

  1. What is Kona?
  2. How do I get set up?
  3. Daily workflow & settings
  4. Best practices & tips
  5. Meet our team </aside>

1. What is Kona?

Kona sends daily emotional check-ins into your team’s Slack channel.

<aside> 👉 Check-ins are as easy as 💚  Great 💛  Okay 🔴  Bad


Take a pulse on team emotions, give support and recognition, and spark fun conversations. Over time, Kona reveals trends that help leaders fight burnout and promote employee wellbeing.

Kona Team Preview.jpg

Why do remote teams love Kona? 👉

Teams that use Kona enjoy:

😄  More bonding moments and fun conversations

💓  Visibility on team needs and moods in real-time

📈  Burnout alerts and long-term employee wellbeing trends

👋  Faster new hire onboarding and culture building

📅  More meaningful 1:1s, meetings, and standups


2. Got it! How do I get set up?

<aside> 👉 Setting Kona up with your team takes under 5 minutes.

Need more help with setup? Schedule a 15-minute onboarding with our team!