We offer generous, flexible policies for leave so team members can prioritize the wellness and happiness of them and their families.

The guidance below is fairly high-level, and gives ample room for interpretation based on individual priorities and needs. That said, everyone is also expected to utilize these policies in good faith, and do right by their team.

Flexible Paid Time Off

Our policy of flexible, unmetered paid time off is intended to provide employees the ability to spend time away from work without worrying about accrued days or penalties.

While sometimes referred to as "unlimited time off", there are some norms and guidance to keep in mind:

Finally - when you're away, be away. We expect hard work and focus from people while they’re on, and encourage everyone to fully unplug when they’re out. There is 0 expectation that you’re checking email or Slack or joining any meetings while you’re on vacation, outside of very limited circumstances.

Company Holidays

We observe the following US Federal Holidays company-wide: