At Heroify, we aim to help fast-growing companies hire the best candidates in less time by verifying their job-related skills with tailor-made tests.

We believe that hiring should be about real skills, not CVs and assumptions. If you agree with us, join our growing team of domain experts and scientists, and help us make hiring easier, faster and fairer for both sides: hiring teams and candidates!

We're currently in stealth mode, so you won't find much about us online, but we're experienced entrepreneurs, and we've already secured funding.

If you have any questions just let us know!

Open Positions

Product & Development

Marketing & Sales


We're a growing team made up of diverse people passionate about making hiring easier, faster and fairer. But most of all, we simply like each other :)

Paulina / CEO & Founder

Marketer with 10+ years of experience leading teams for companies like Coffeedesk and PIXERS. Loves gin&tonic, and knows how to write in Elvish.

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Maciek / CTO & Co-founder

Spent the last 10 years as CTO in various HR Tech startups. Photographer by avocation, and proud owner of Pumba - the cutest Shar pei ever.

Kornel, PhD / Head of Data Science

Data Science expert with both corporate and startup background, and special interest in AI. Owner of the most flamboyant t-shirts in the office.

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Weronika / Junior UX Project Manager

Business Psychologist, worked in neuromarketing research, social media and marketing, aspiring UX Designer. Owner of the most furry dachshund in Warsaw named Rioja.

Sabina / Knowledge Manager

Ex-HR Manager who worked with several HR startups, and became a go-to person for HR-related content in Poland. Lives in France, loves to dance.


Łukasz / Product Manager

Product Manager with prior experience in running skill assessment development programs, tech hiring and support management. Enjoys pineapple on pizza and is ready to die on this hill.