Your Digital Safe Space, accessible for everyone in need




Serenity is a program that gives emotional support and therapy to those with mental illnesses, specifically PTSD forms. With the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, we can create a fully immersive digital environment, along with Serenity, your virtual therapist. Our immersive environments, paired with Serenity, offer a calming atmosphere, unlike any other.

Virtual Assistant

The Use of AI

Our virtual assistant adapts to what you are dealing with in your life and helps get your emotions back on track, by offering support, through meditation, breathing exercises, and reflection.

Our app uses a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) along with keywords put into the chatbot to help determine your mood and needs. It will then recommend an environment to be in to relax you.

Virtual Environment

The Use of VR

“VR offers a safe and calm digital space where you can be alone and reflect on your situation and your problems.” - Giuseppe Riva, author and professor of psychology

The series of digital environments are chosen based off a patient’s inputted keywords. It is a fully immersive 3D environment that acts as an escape from stressful situations.

How it works

  1. Serenity is powered through the app, available for smartphones with a capable processor, a VR headset, and headphones, for a fully immersed experience
  2. If you are feeling anxious or going through some from of panic, you can launch the app, where Serenity will ask you a few basic questions, to understand your state of mind before the digital environment launches.
  3. Serenity will then take you through a series of breathing and meditation exercises customized for your type of stress.