In the current pandemic we are in, socialising is not a thing. We have to rely on Voice Chatting services like skype, facetime, or in the worst case even zoom! Problem? Everybody can hear everybody in a room with the same volume. Not everybody in a room needs always to know what my friend and I are discussing in last school row.


Hello, proximity chat. But not in a game, but in real life. Join a meeting with your phone, and the only thing you need to make sure of is that you being in the middle of your room, and have 3 meters to each side. You get placed in a room of a maximum of 9 people, now walk up to your friends (using your phone) and just start talking. If you want to change your partner, walk away, to somebody else. Volume depends on your relative position to every user in the room, the further away, the quite.

Day one

Day two

Day three