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Tables are Notion's most traditional database view, but our tables are a lot more powerful than a grid with some rows and columns! Open each row as its own Notion page, or visualize in other database views.

7 min video

  • This video shows how to use and make the most of table views in Notion.

  • Tables in Notion can store, organize, filter, sort, and group information.

  • To add a table, use the New page button and select Table from the Add new section.

  • You can either select an existing data source or create a new one by clicking on New database.

  • Table views show entries in the first column. Each entry is in fact a page in itself, where you can store additional content about your entry in the shape of text, headings, quotes, callouts, images, videos, embeds—the list is long.

  • Database pages include a Properties section at the top to add specific information about the page.

  • You can access the database or database view's main menu by clicking on the three-dot icon at the top right.

    • The Layout section offers options to show or hide vertical lines and wrap all columns.

    • Database entries can be filtered and sorted based on specific rules.

    • You can add sub-items to existing database items to store further actions.

  • You can apply calculations at the bottom of any column of a table.

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