Notion for product managers

Product teams are often doing the most cross-functional work at companies and thus, must juggle many projects and needs. Here’s how you can use Notion to manage it all.

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  • The road from feature idea to launch can be sinuous. Notion can help product managers seamlessly navigate the many stages of product delivery.

  • Find Notion’s template picker in your workspace sidebar, and add ready-to-use product management templates for a quick start. Go to the Notion Template Gallery for even more inspiration.

  • Create a top-level wiki page for the Product team and store your team’s most important information—from the product lifecycle, to instructions on how to conduct user research, product interviews, or OKRs.

    • You can infinitely nest pages inside pages for a comprehensive organization.

    • You may add various types of content into the body of a page, facilitating rich documentation and collaboration.

  • Notion databases serve as robust tools for storing user research and project data.

    • Databases in Notion can be viewed in multiple ways—tables, boards, timelines, calendars, lists, or galleries—without altering the original data.

    • Notion supports relation properties, linking data from one database to another for enhanced clarity and communication.

  • Notion is adaptable to the evolving needs of a Product team. Use it to organize ideas, conduct user research, and launch projects that go from a simple bug fix to a new feature launch.

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