5 workflows to make your design team hyper efficient

Making sure your design work is innovative, consistent, and finished on time is hard enough without having to work remotely. In this 30 minute video tour, we'll walk through five workflows to help your remote design team collaborate and communicate better.

30 min video

  • Notion helps you achieve a holistic and consistent design system, effective communication with other teams, and quick iterations.

    • It’s a great place to manage assets and feedback and keep all teams in sync, especially Design and Engineering teams.

  • You can easily build a Design wiki, which will serve as a home base for all design-related work.

    • Try keeping all design work, including brand assets, project docs and tasks, in one place for maximum transparency and efficiency.

    • It’s crucial to maintain a living design system that is always up-to-date.

  • Database templates help reinforce processes and make transitions smoother. What’s more, Notion sharing options allow for easy collaboration and fine-grained control over access.

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