🎯 Our mission

In today's world littered with digital screens and a 'busy' lifestyle, there is a need for a solution that augments our human experience by getting us to interact and explore our real world and the people in it. Headout's mission, as a counter to this problem, is to enable all of us to discover and access real-life experiences seamlessly and delightfully; thereby inspiring all of us to head out and see the amazing world we live in up close.

🔢 Numbers that matter

The tl:dr; is that Headout gives you the best of three worlds:

So far, we've served 9M+ guests. This is not visitors or users but the actual number of people that have paid for and gone on a Headout experience.

We've scaled to $200M+ in GMV run-rate and $40M+ in revenue run-rate.

Our model has enabled us to have profitable unit economics on a contribution margin basis. Ergo, we make money on every transaction on Headout and don't burn truckloads of cash to grow. We are the only company in our space to achieve this at scale.

With the capital on our balance sheet, we've a runway in excess of 7 years. This number will keep increasing as we scale. Why? Because we make money on every reservation. The more the reservations, the more our revenues. The more our revenues, the lower our burn. In fact, as of July '21, we are EBITDA profitable as a company.

Our average monthly growth rate for 2021 is 50.45%.

In cities which have opened up, we are seeing recoveries of 75%+ to pre-Covid levels and are poised to cross 100% levels before Dec '21.

In 2021, our unit economics have improved by a further 25% showcasing strong growth in our fundamentals.

We've served guests from 190+ countries on one of our experiences showcasing Headout's global reach and inclusive product breadth.