Thought process on the workflows and features.

Problem Case

The fundamental premise is that contract closure requires multiple back and forth communication. This is today solved by sending documents on either messaging platforms, emails or physical discussions. Let's draw down an edge scenario:

  1. Ms. X wants to get a document signed between clients A, B, C, D and herself.
  2. Clients A and B are participating signers while C and D are official witnesses to the signing.
  3. The process needs to happen in a sequential fashion Ex. A + C (w) > B + D (w) > herself.
  4. Everyone needs to agree on the content, it needs to happen fast, and due to the distance between each of them, it needs to execute virtually.
  5. Everyone is dealing with the other for the first time; hence trust and security are prime requisites.
  6. After completion of the process, the parties want to authenticate signatures.

What's Needed?

🆔 Identity: only KYC'd engagement

👩‍💻 Virtual Environment: no physical interaction needed

👥 Collaboration: quick content agreement

🔏 Security: no fraud by design

✅ Verification: a quick check of authenticity

🆔 Identity

Veriscript's infrastructure is built with a focus on individual identities. Each account is uniquely linked to a mobile number and capable of operating in multiple ways. With a single account, users can choose between working in their personal workspace or join an organization for a dedicated environment. Organizations enable users to create private spaces that can represent a company, team, department or even community. Hence, no matter what environment you want to work in, a person is represented by one account, one identity.

The platform is integrated with India Aadhar Stack, which enables users with Aadhar cards to use legally accepted digital signatures, under the IT Act of 2000. This ensures the right person is signing the contract.