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🏢 Workspaces

👤 Roles

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🏢 Workspaces

Workspaces represent collaboration opportunities for users, automatically applying access controls upon creation (more info in 👤 Roles). A user has access to their Personal workspace by default and can create Organizations on demand.

Personal Workspace

Personal workspace is your private space, something like your work desk. We recommend using it for all contracts relating to your professional endeavours on an individual level. This will also house all the incoming requests for document execution. Just like any other professional contract, it always helps you store a copy at home.

Private Workspace

Organizations enable you to create unique spaces representing a company, a department, a community or even a closed group of people working on a project. The goal is to make accessibility of documents simple and fast to all members of the organization. What starts in orgs, stays in orgs.

👤 Roles

Veriscript is built using workflows that ensure collaboration and consensus on document content. The platform uses per document instances < every document has its own collaboration space >, where the content creation is in the hands of the 'document owner' < anyone who creates the document is the owner, the ownership is transferable >. To create checks in the workflow, the following roles can be assigned:


The admin role is automatically assigned to an individual upon creating an organization. Multiple features are exclusively available to the admin: