What is this document?

This is a guide to Hazel – a very quick tour of my professional personality and working style. A crash course on working with me as a colleague, manager, team member.

This document is not intended to replace or override the relationship and mutual understanding we will build as we work together. Its intention is to give you an idea of how I think and how I work.

This is a new document and still a work in progress.

Caveat: Take this document with a grain of salt; I wrote it!

Also, yes, I'm fully aware of how weird this is.

What I Value

📌 Assumption: I value honesty, family, and health (mental and physical) above all and I assume the same of everyone one I interact with.

🏃‍♀️Taking action. There's no shortage of fantastic ideas and strategy docs in the world, but actually taking action and doing a thing is what I truly value: making moves to get things done.

🎯 Intentionality. When I was younger, I'd call this efficiency. But the way to truly be efficient is to be intentional in every action you take. The first question I'll ask any time it's missing is: what's the end goal of this action?

🧨 Humor You'll often hear me laughing too loud at my own jokes on calls. It's cringeworthy and I own it, and frankly, I just like to laugh.

💫 Pride in my work. If you've ever been on a video call with me, you've seen my "Give a Damn" poster. I take pride in the work I do and work best when I believe in what I'm doing.

🙌 Kindness. Make things better where you can, leave the world better than you found it, be better today than you were yesterday.

When do I do my best work?

What motivates me on a project?

My top three work superpowers

Known issues

How do you know I'm stressed?