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Promoting open-source growth & development by onboarding various DAO tooling projects to further expand DAO operations.

Bio: Rachel R Brissenden is an entrepreneur, DAO enthusiast & business development specialist who has started her own business and has experience working in the financial sector. Her work has led her to become fully immersed in the Web3 & crypto space, specifically within the Harmony ecosystem.

Experience: Rachel has experience working in the credit monitoring industry, as the head of business development and as a senior account manager, where she focused on onboarding new business, affiliate marketing, and team building. In this position, she learned to build relationships with affiliates, train a team of over 12 employees internationally, and helped double the company’s revenue in the span of one year. Simultaneously in this position, she educated herself on leadership & financial concepts. Through deepening her understanding in the financial field, this led her to grow passionate about decentralization in the emerging Web3 & crypto space. She additionally started her own business called “Elixir of Life”, and operated independently for 2 years time.

She now has experience event hosting, publicly speaking, & hosting webinars, as well as launching email marketing campaigns & leading business development initiatives. She has attended & participated in events such as "EthDenver" and "Affiliate Summit West" to network, publicly speak and make new connections, and has coordinated approximately 30 Harmony events internationally through Ambassador DAO since joining the ecosystem.

Education: She studied at FIT in New York, majoring in Fine Arts. She now applies the skills she has learned which has translated into creatively solving real world problems.

DAOs: She now works as a signatory on the Ambassador DAO working to scale global in-person events for Harmony, as well as the Sustainable Development DAO which aims to make Harmony a sustainable blockchain project through carbon credits to reduce our environmental impact. She also works closely with the Bridge Builders DAO to encourage community education & creation of lessons plans to assist communities in learning about Web3 concepts.

Purpose: Rachel is now focused full time on Web3 & crypto, specifically working on the growth of DAOs within the Harmony ecosystem. She is passionate about Harmony & decentralization, and aims to bring on DAO tooling to help grow the DAO ecosystem, as well as hosting events globally through Ambassador DAO to encourage community growth.


March 2022 Goals and Deliverables

Focus: DAO Tooling

DAO Tooling Target List

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