Harmony is developing a maketplace, called RADICAL, specialized for domain names as nonfungible tokens (NFT). First examples are Web2 Internet domains like .com and .xyz. Second are Web3 crypto names like Ethereum Name Services or ENS for .eth, Unstoppable Domains or UD for .x, as well as ONE Names or 1N for .1. Third are Web2+Web3 native NFT under Top-Level Domain (TLD) .country such as harmony.country + harmony.1 (or even 🏵️.country + 🏵️.1).

These NFT are abstract for many applications to interpret and interoperate. More examples: Nouns (concept words), Loot (adventure items), emojis, timeslots, and locations (latitude + longitude numbers).

Uniform Scaling on Shard 1 & Economics Games on .1.country

Working with web 2 domain systems in web 3

☎️ Web3 stack for Web2 domains

  1. Onchain marketplace with auctions, trading, analytics
  2. Anonymous payment, custody, escrow and messaging
  3. Enriched attributes of chain ID, wallet address, reputation

🥇 Sustainable Economy for Web2+3 domains

  1. Demand-based fair tax against unused resources
  2. Open development with onchain and quadratic governance
  3. Billion domains under .country as nonfungible tokens (NFT)

.1.country subdomains

Soulbound but FAIR price? Radical Rent & Quadratic Tax

Collaborators: Aaron Li, Zi Wang, Ganesha Upadhyaya, Leo Chen, Elaine Wang, Ope. (Liang Wu)