‎MetaMask - Blockchain Wallet

Average setup time is 3-5 minutes:

  1. Download Metamask Mobile App from Apple App Store
  2. Click on Get Started
  3. Select Create a new wallet
  4. Scroll and select No thanks for Metamask data
  5. Create Password and ****select Face ID (MetaMask cannot recover your password, write this down in a safe place, DO NOT TAKE A SCREENSHOT)
  6. Allow Face ID
  7. Secure Wallet (*even more important than password, should never be shared with anyone, even MetaMask)
  8. Review Metamask Tips (store phrase in a secure location)
  9. Make sure no one is watching before revealing phrase, click View
  10. Write your Secret Recovery Phrase in a safe place (we recommend a physical notebook, numerical order and specific spelling are very important)
  11. Choose to enable automatic security checks (we recommend that you enable this)
  12. You’re all set! Now connect to Harmony

(For additional iPhone security measures, follow this link)