Version 0.6 - 16.06.2021

Important additions to the guidelines are highlighted with a pink background*.*

The General Guidelines are the basic guidelines Happy Scribe applies to all transcriptions.

Happy Scribe proposes clean read transcripts and subtitles. The purpose of clean read is to ensure the transcript is concise and clear, without interruptions. We omit any stutters, unnecessary filler words (uh, ugh, um, er, kind of, sort of, like, you know), interruptions (okay, yeah) and false starts.

Happy Scribe does not provide Verbatim transcription at the moment. ****

Table of contents

0. General

  1. Spelling ****in Happy Scribe jobs follows the UK spelling.
  2. Never transcribe in external editor (Word for example) and then paste the text into Happy Scribe's editor.
  3. When you encounter a job that has a song and lyrics ONLY, do not transcribe the lyrics of the song and do not submit the job. Instead, unclaim it and select the reason ‘No speech detected’.
  4. Please note, once you have submitted a job, you cannot alter and correct the text afterwards.
  5. Avoid writing excessively long paragraphs. Look for natural points in the speech, such as a shift in topic, emphasis, or reference, to start a new paragraph.
  6. You must assign a speaker to all paragraphs, even if there are multiple consecutive paragraphs from the same speaker.

1. Punctuation

Happy Scribe speech to text engines might add unecessary periods and comas leading sentences to be structured inacurately. You should fix these issues when needed.