The power of the digital age mindset, comes from its' creative minds. Humans have always changed the status quo with inspiring new ideas. It is on us, to shape these ideas and change the world! For a better tomorrow! 🌍🌳🐳👩🏿‍🤝‍👨🏼💪🏼🧘🏼‍♂️✨🍀

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<aside> ❤️ I’m a product manager by heart, ...

committed to delivering value to customers by transforming the way how to deliver it. In the era of uncertainty, it needs new ways to drive the transformation of companies, to stay innovative and keep competitive.

In my career I learned how to scale e-commerce technology around the globe at AUDI, how to build a global platform for customer interaction in the construction industry in my first project at Etribes or which success factors are driving change in organizations when it comes to product management and -development.

I believe it needs new ways of working, to shape the future (of businesses) for a better tomorrow. Less project-thinking with pre-defined output, more product-thinking with aligned and empowered teams to deliver outcomes for customers (and businesses).

In my current position @ Etribes I drive this mindset-shift in my (and our) projects by sharing my experiences and create new tools and templates for my co-workers to apply product-thinking in their projects.


' most proud of

<aside> 🚗 Build global commerce platform Build, scale and run a global commerce solution for digital, vehicle-related services in 28 markets and two continents.


<aside> 🏆 President @ International Wheel Gymnastics Federation Lead the activities of the International Wheel Gymnastics Federation and organize World Championships for 500 people from all over the world.


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Please feel free to download my CV for more details about my work experience. Alternatively, let's connect at Linkedin.

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