Gumroad is 36ish people, scattered all over the world. We are looking for self-motivated, autonomous artists who like to ship to help us build great software products and customer experiences.

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Please send us an email listing a few extraordinary achievements of yours. We’ll let you know if it’s worth applying and next steps!



Gumroad helps creators get paid for their work. To date we have sent over $500,000,000 to creators. Our goal is simple: help our creators and online entrepreneurs make more money. We measure our success in GMV and product quality.

You can get caught up in a couple blog posts:

I also recommend reviewing our Wiki and our Roadmap:

Fitting in

Gumroad is great for folks who like to manage themselves. They don’t like managing others, and they don’t like being managed. Instead, they manage “up.”

Great writers do really well at Gumroad. 3-4 years of experience is recommended, but not required. The most important part is a strong body of in-production work!

Every role is product-focused, self-motivated, and business-minded. If you hate meetings and love to ship, and/or if you plan to be a CEO yourself someday, this may be a good fit for you.

Read our values, and if they resonate, you may fit in:

What matters