<aside> 📣 Here are the list of questions people have asked in regards to our gamification model. Remember that this is just the first phase of the ETA Department! The Coin Ministry is hard at work to provide additional utility in the coming weeks, including quests and auctions for you to participate in using $ASTRA.

Clock-in your Grims: https://eta.grimsyndicate.com/


Why Gamification?

At the end of the day, most projects will not survive on the art alone. If you can create a fun, engaging environment, you will see success. The Grim Syndicate has some of the best art in the ecosystem, and this initiative will only enhance the project’s overall value.

Rewarding people who hold their Grim is important.

Is it a smart contract?

No, this is not a smart contract. Your Grim will not leave your wallet when you send them to work.

We will have a script that’s constantly running, checking the state of each Grim, and making the proper adjustments.

Penalty for moving/listing your Grim while staked:

When can I Clock-In?

The Offices of the ETA opened their doors on February 7th, 2022.

You can access the dashboard here: https://eta.grimsyndicate.com/

Is it all one release?

No there will be multiple phases to the ETA Department: