<aside> ⚠️ If you bought any of our products before the 21st of December 2021 and are wondering what happened to your license, check out the FAQs.


How our licenses work

Once you purchase a license, you will own the assets in perpetuity. Therefore, for studios, our license tiers are based on the total number of 3D artists, including both employees and independent contractors at your studio, not how many artists are working on any particular project or pitch. If your operation grows, ask us about upgrading your license.

Which license am I?


Commercial license for a single freelance artist, not working at a studio.

Indie Studio

Commercial license for studios with 7 or less 3D artists in total (employees and independent contractors).


Commercial license for studios with 8 or more 3D artists in total (employees and independent contractors).

Yours forever

Your license is forever. No renewals or expirations and completely royalty free for you to use on all of your personal and commissioned projects.

Custom licenses

We offer custom licenses for large studios that have more than 25 artists, and accomodate the need to transfer assets to clients, or require custom software setups for their pipelines.

End User License Agreement