Squad™ for Merchants

Your Squad™ is basically your own pool of reliable Driver-Partners. They are drivers who have delivered your items before and are already familiar with your requirements – they are the first persons you would approach when you need a favour!

Broadcast Orders to your Squad

You can set to broadcast your orders to your Squad™ only at your price.

When filling the Form or Import, under Broadcast Preferences, select 'SquadOnly' and set your price.


You may also opt to broadcast to all Driver-Partners. This allows you to broadcast to all Driver-Partners on GotSurge, including your Squad™ members.

Track Orders by your Squad

Once you've placed your orders, track the progress of your orders in Active Orders.

A Squad™ member will be accompanied by the squad member icon.


Invite Driver-Partners to join your Squad

In order to broadcast to your Squad™ members, you must first invite Driver-Partners to join your Squad™.

  1. Ask the Driver-Partner to install the GotSurge Driver-Partner app. Then register a Driver-Partner account.
  2. Go to Squad™ in your Settings. Share your Squad Code with the Driver-Partners.
  3. Remind the Driver-Partner to fill in your Squad™ 6-character code after they've sign up.


You can invite unlimited preferred Driver-Partners to be part of your Squad™: