Squad™ for Drivers

Psst... Are you a Merchant? Read about What is a Squad? for Merchants.

Being part of a merchant's Squad™ allows merchants to broadcast their orders to you directly. No fees – every dollar they pay is a dollar you make.

Join Squads

You can join as many Squads as you like.

  1. Get a 6-character Squad™ code from the Merchant.

  2. In GotSurge Driver-Partner app, go to Account in the menu

  3. Go to Squads™ and enter the Squad™ Code you received.

  4. Tap Join.



Accept Orders from your Squad Merchant

Orders from your Squad™ Merchant are indicated with a Squad™ icon.


Payment and Fees

You will receive payment directly from your Merchant. GotSurge does not charge any fees for Squad™ deliveries - every dollar they pay is a dollar you make.


Can I accept Squadand non-Squadorders?

Yes, Driver-Partners can accept a mixed set of orders. However, be mindful that you don't take on more orders than you can deliver.

What is the difference between a non-Squadand Squadmember?

Squad™ members will not have any fees deducted for orders completed.