Our promise is to create a community of awesome people that holds you accountable for making progress while helping to develop you as leaders and humans. We’ve put together some tips and links on how to make sure you make the most progress during our program. Please read in detail, and bookmark this link. #OutworkYesterday #RelationshipsMatter #StayMagnetic #TechDoneRight

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Programs, Pitch Competitions, etc.


Book Time w/Techstars Coaches

Book Time w/Google Mentors

Office Hours With No Code Experts

Intros to Goodie Nation Experts

Recommended Service Providers

Funding Relations

<aside> 💡 Prepare for and get connected to sources of funding


Raising Money

Request Investor Readiness Evaluation

Pitch Coaching

Investors From Outside Our Network

Progress Accountability

<aside> 💡 Fulfilling our promise is to hold you accountable for making progress.


Priority & Goal Setting

Progress Reports

Accountability Group Huddles

Investor/Mentor Monthly Update Templates


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Intentionally Good Program Overview

Program Activities

Founders in the Program

Add Your Team Member Form

Founder's Slack Community

Event Calendar

Goodie Nation Team

Leadership Development

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