👋 Hi, I’m Joseph

<aside> ☝ Note! The below is a work in progress. See the Legacy Resume dropdown at the bottom for some more info.


I work at Sanctuary Computer + garden3d as a developer, architect, mentor, and Herbalist†. If you’re looking for a first-class team of developers, product strategists, and designers, send us an email 💌**.**

You can also find me on 🐙 Github, 👤 LinkedIn , and 🦜 Twitter. I continue to work as a consultant and freelancer - read more below.

Before joining Sanctuary, I worked as a freelancer for 9 years.

In this time, I:

<aside> 💍 Made an e-commerce website for Los Angeles based jewelry company Spinelli Kilcollin, powered by Shopify, Sanity, and open-source software I built to connect the two.


<aside> 📸 Built the technology for a 3-week holiday event with Smilebooth, hosting nearly 10,000 guests. As they made their way through the event, photographers scanned their RFID wristbands for each photo op. Upon leaving, guests were emailed a link to a private gallery with all photos for their group.


<aside> 🎓 Taught online React courses for General Assembly


<aside> 🌱 † What’s an Herbalist? Sanctuary computer is not a traditional agency. We’re not a traditional company, for that matter. Social equality, psychological safety, and mental health are baked into the way we operate. Work can be hard, working in a remote world can be harder. As the steward of the Herb Garden, I facilitate company initiatives and hold confidential 1-on-1 meetings with coworkers to discuss how they’re feeling, how they’re growing, and what they want our company to look like.


TODO: more about me as a freelancer & consultant.

I’ll write some more here in soon! In the mean time, you can email me at joseph@good-idea.studio to discuss what you’re working on and what collaborating would look like 🙂