Full-stack engineer with 8 years experience, specializing in front-end UX development for the art, design, & creative media community.





Freelancing requires stepping into a lot of different roles. In addition to coding, I've worked as a designer, project manager, product manager, and consultant. Through this, I have learned how to communicate between team members and stakeholders, coordinate design-to-development workflows, and manage small development teams.

As far as code goes: I work primarily in Typescript, with the support of unit + integration testing. On the front end, I mostly use React paired with vanilla JS, and on the backend, Express serving a REST or GraphQL API.


👉👈 Co-Touch - January 2020

mobile app personal work

In progress! I'm currently at the Recurse Center, where I am working on a drawing-based chat application called Co-Touch. You can read more about it on dev.to.

🛍 Sane Shopify - Fall 2019 → Present

open-source ecommerce

in progress

😸Github Repository

For many of my clients, Shopify is a fantastic business & inventory management tool, but often lacking in terms of customizing site content. Sane Shopify is a plugin for the Sanity.io CMS that allows developers to overcome the content management limitations of Shopify.

In December, I spoke with Knut from Sanity and Kevin Green about this hybrid approach: