GoodDollar Ambassadors are building country marketing teams to promote the awareness and engagement of global communities to join the crypto UBI economy.

Goals of Country Marketing Squad

Key Capability and Squad Roles

Each team needs a dedicated Squad Lead who does all monthly reporting to Jess and is the key Point of Contact (POC)

<aside> 📓 Content

Create country and language specific user guides and presentations that encourage usage and new signups, via:


<aside> 🗣 Community (Digital)

*Grow awareness of GoodDollar through establishing, managing and growing country-specific channels

-* Translate all announcements


<aside> 🧒🏻 Community (IRL)

*Host local meet-ups and GoodDollar learning sessions to grow awareness and represent GoodDollar in local industry events

-* Organize local meet-ups and speaking events


<aside> 📢 Partnerships + Media

*Outbound to local and regional blockchain clubs, associations and media partners to increase awareness of GoodDollar

-* Outbound to media partners and blockchain associations


Initial KPIs Per Squad

How will we measure success?

<aside> 📶 New Daily Active Users

How many new members joined and have become reoccurring members? → 5% increase month over month


<aside> 📲 GOOD Holders/ Governance Participants

Number of members in your country/region that hold G$ either through claiming, staking or buying → Need to determine


<aside> 😄 Community

Growth of community channels and increased engagement → 10% increase month over month


<aside> 🛒 Transactions

Have transactions and usage increased in your country? → 5% increase month over month