Clarifying questions

To reframe the question, we are Uber and we are building a parking lot for the year 2035 where autonomous vehicles are the norm, people don't 'own' cars anymore, and they just pull them up on-demand via some kind of computing machinery.

Identifying users

Well, in this case, I'd wager that the primary users of the parking lot are the cars themselves which drive themselves to and fro the lots. So, we are to map the journey of a self driving car for an on-demand service and identify how it'd use a parking lot.

Autonomous cars can come in different shapes and sizes - let's say there are 4 seaters, 6 seaters, and 8 seaters. These parking lots are available in multiple places in the city and that each parking lot may hold upto 50 cars of each kind.

Autonomous car parking lot journey

  1. Finish a trip
  2. Find the nearest parking lot