Besides monitoring your factory work using real-time TV views or Dashboard pages you can set up notifications to keep you informed of every aspect of the daily work and use the notifications to increase your company's overall efficiency.

GlobalReader sensor notifications help you to increase your company's efficiency by dealing with machine work-related issues as soon as they happen. Notifications are the first step to start acting in real-time. After you get the notification you can react and find out why there is an interruption on the machine.

With GlobalReader different types of sensor notifications you can react if:

Sensor notifications can be set to be sent via email, via app push notification, or via SMS and you will be able to choose who is the recipient of the notification

SMS notification - can be sent to any mobile number you correctly enter to the notification setup Email notification - can be sent to any email aadress you decide to enter to the notification setup App push notification - can be added only to users who have been entered to GlobalReader and the user will need to download the app to start receiving the notifications.

How to add a new sensor notification?

Sensor notifications can be set up under the Device Advance setup pages for Notifications in Passport. Below find the steps on how to do add a new one:

What are notification advanced settings?