Simple: We get the IRS EIN verification letter for your US LLC in four business days (most of the time it's less).

You can stop waiting around, and start growing your business.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get my EIN so much faster than other services?

If you are a non-US citizen, you cannot get your EIN instantly because you don't have SSN. We apply for your EIN as 3rd party designee and get your EIN. Then, we declare to the IRS that you are the responsible party for EIN. That's why we can get your EIN in 24 hours (if requested) even if you are a non-US citizen. You can save time and start your business today. IRS records get updated in 4 weeks.

What name is shown on the EIN confirmation letter?

The EIN is issued under the name of the member(s). The letter will not be under the name of the third-party designee.

What happens after I pay?

You will get an email in which we request the following information