Over the years, Growing Leaders has sought several ways to measure the effectiveness of the Habitudes curriculum. As an intervention program, Habitudes focuses on meeting the social and emotional needs of students and, as a result, can also lead to the reduction of negative student behaviors. Because of the challenges associated with measuring the development of soft skills and of associating those developments with specific interventions, we have compiled evidence of differing kinds over the past several years to make a case for the effectiveness of Habitudes as an intervention program.

Our previous research is only the beginning. Starting in the Fall 2020 school year, Growing Leaders has launched a new partnership with Panorama Education to measure the development of SEL skills in students. We have also established plans to launch an extensive multi-school research project with Rand Corp. You can read more about both of these initiatives below.

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about the effectiveness of teaching with images, we've collected research on this subject as well. To view our research related to the effectiveness of teaching with images, download our free eBook "In Other Words."

Table of Contents:

Habitudes Effectiveness Study June 2013

In partnership with HRCatalyst, a research firm based in Atlanta, GA, Growing Leaders commissioned a Habitudes effectiveness study to establish the effect, if any, that the Habitudes program had on high school students. Although, this study predates HabitudesOnline, it contains strong evidence for the effectiveness of Habitudes as an image-based tool for teaching soft skills.

Key Findings:

Download the report:

Habitudes Post-Survey Presentation 6-26-13.pdf