Giveth Vision Statement

Giving is effortless and people all around the world are rewarded for creating positive change.

Giveth Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect people, ideas and resources by building free, open-source decentralized applications to bridge the non-profit and blockchain worlds. We are creating an interface between the prosocial, value-driven, collective-focused magic-makers of the world and the revolutionary funding streams that the cryptospace has opened up.

Circle Goals



(Dani) Governance Circle - Token holders

We are moving toward a fully decentralized progressively decentralizing the Giveth governance system. We have been using our DApp to compensate the team members’ efforts in a way that shows milestone achievements towards the common vision. We believe in the self-organizing power of sociocracy, which we apply in the organization of tasks, our Discord channels and during our governance meetings. We also have an Aragon DAO deployment that we use to propose and vote on important governance topics using token-weighted voting.