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Mockup: https://www.figma.com/file/nVoinu0tgJ565enN5R4WDE/Giveth.io-%26-GIVeconomy?node-id=4453%3A110905


With the GIVstream, Giveth has created an elegant evolution to traditional liquidity mining that

  1. Decreases immediate sell pressure of liquidity mining rewards by streaming the majority over X years rather than releasing all up front
  2. Attracts and rewards the best type of liquidity providers, long term hodlers, rather than “liquidity mercenaries” that dump 100% of what they farm
  3. Keeps any participant in the farm invested in the project for the next X years

By sharing the UI/UX and contracts we’ve created with partner DAOs whose missions we align with, we can

  1. Save these projects a ton of time and give them the best UI/UX for farming out there (We even have support for Uniswap v3 NFT farming!)
  2. Increase reserves in Giveth’s treasury in the short term which can be paired with GIV and deposited into liquidity pools
  3. Raise donations for the GIVmatching MVP
  4. Grow our universe of DAO partnerships
  5. Attract new potential donors and community members to the GIVeconomy from partner DAOs, and keep them returning for at least the next 5 year

Feature Requirements

Adding new projects

Initially this will be handled manually by the Giveth dev team. Giveth project managers and devs will coordinate with partner projects to deploy the contracts and UI/UX for farming and streaming tokens such that all projects need to is the following: