This is an #OpenScience & #OpenModelling initiative to study & expand the Gitcoin cadCAD model. This collaboration is taking place at the intersection of Gitcoin x BlockScience x Token Engineering x TE Commons, and it's aims are threefold: 1. to expand & explore the cadCAD model to provide decision support for tuning governance policy around collusion in the Gitcoin Grants ecosystem, 2. to engage with community in the research and examination of those policies, and 3. to skill-up anyone interested in using cadCAD & data science to understand complex systems in the Token Engineering Academy.

đź“šArticles Produced

Deterring Adversarial Behavior at Scale in Gitcoin Grants

How to Attack and Defend Quadratic Funding

Colluding Communities or New Markets?

Towards Computer-Aided Governance of Gitcoin Grants

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