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Always ready-to-code.

Developers architect our future. Gitpod frees developers from the friction of manual, stateful and local dev environments. This is the next logical step in automating our software delivery pipelines. Several key trends accelerate that:

We have built developer tools, created programming languages and successfully grew open source communities over the last 10 years. We are developers ourselves - now we want to capitalize on our learnings and build a company that simplifies the lives of all developers out there.


👯‍♂️ Orthogonal

Orthogonality is baked into our product design. To leverage the existing array of tools and services available to and developed by the developer community, Gitpod at its core is driven by orthogonality. This means we don't build new solutions or bake something into the product if there is an existing widely adopted and agreed-on one that we can integrate. This also means we strive for building sane reusable abstractions that can be composed in ways we haven't anticipated. Furthermore, to an individual user, this means that we never want to dictate what a developer should use but seamlessly blend with her existing workflow and stack.

👩‍💻 Developer-first

Developers architect our future. We are developers ourselves and successfully grew open source communities over the last 10 years. With Gitpod we want to enable all professional devs to build applications quicker, more collaboratively and more data-driven. We are not developer-first out of pure altruism. As buying power in enterprises shifts towards the individual engineer, being close to the needs and wants of developers is a necessity to build a category-defining business in developer tooling. In today's market embedding ourselves with developers as early as possible in the product lifecycle allows us to build-up the required user base and distribution to later scale into adjacent segments.

⚙️ Frictionless

We want everybody to have a frictionless experience when interacting with our product, our company and our brand: no hurdles, no BS, no unnecessary extra steps and as much automation as possible. Just straight to the point solutions that delight.

👋 Open

We have built-in the open for the last decade. Transparency is key and as a company we should strive to be as open about as many things as possible. This refers to both developing Gitpod in the open (public issues, public roadmap, public milestones) as well as how we interact on a personal level with other human beings. We are strong believers in the benefits that an open culture provides. At Gitpod we are open-minded, inclusive, transparent, and curious. We always remain students of the game, not masters of the game.

🔑 Trustworthiness