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Always ready-to-code.

Developers architect our future. Gitpod frees developers from the friction of manual, stateful, and local developer environments. This is the next logical step in automating our software delivery pipelines. Several key trends accelerate that:

We have built developer tools, created programming languages and successfully grew open source communities over the last 10 years. We are developers ourselves - now we capitalize on our learnings and build a company that simplifies the lives of all developers out there.

Core Values

Core values are who **we are. An authentic representation of where we are coming from and a guiding compass on where we are going. They are horizontal to our work, our community, and the products and services crafted on Gitpod. As we are growing, who we are matures side-by-side.

We, not me

We show up for the team, not for ourselves. We trust and empower each other. We make heroes and unblock others.

Integrate, don’t dictate

We are humble and kind. We first seek to understand, then be understood – with products and people around us.

Students of the game

We build and learn in the open – always with curiosity. We invest in our personal and professional development.