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<aside> ℹ️ This doc contains some potential focus areas for the first 30, 60, and 90 days of the new job. It is not to be understood in the stricted sense, might not be exhaustive and could also be different by the time you join. The goal of these real life examples is to make it more tangible and serve as a foundation for a structured onboarding plan to be developed together with the new hire. It also helps reduce ambiguity and uncertainty and sets you up for success from the get go.


30 days

Task: Deeply understand purpose & product vision. Familiarize yourself with the market, ecosystem, product led growth, our competition and get to know your fellow colleagues.

Success: Internalize how our industry works, understand relevant business mechanics of our bottom-up model and both short-term/long-term market dynamics. Become friends with your colleagues 🙌

Task: Spend time coding and contributing something to Gitpod with Gitpod. Can be something for our website, too. (and don't be scared: Coding with Gitpod is much easier..)

Success: Get a deep understanding for both our product, the key components and the persona that is most important to us: individual developers. Don't worry, fixing a typo is enough (this is what Philipp did.. 😊)

Task: Acquaint yourself with our analytics stack in Mode, BigQuery and Mixpanel.

Success: You have a good understanding how we use the tools in our analytics stack and are able to create first reports, dashboards and custom queries.

Task: Observe. You still have the outsider's view which is invaluable. Be curious, ask questions and note down ideas and make suggestions. Be the devils advocate and poke holes into strategy/processes.

Success: Create ****RFCs (requests for comments) with suggestions and get clear feedback on next steps for things related to how Gitpod works internally.

Task: Aggregate competitive intel and know what's moving in the market.

Success: A knowledge base with structured and easily accessible competitive information is used to ensure relevant info is disseminated to respective teams.

60 days

Task: Refine our feedback process for team leads and establish a lean performance management system that is lived throughout the company.