🙌 These are all the grants that are pending approval, denied approval for the grants platform, or denied to a specific ecosystem or round.

PLATFORM: Approved or Denied to exist on Gitcoin UI

MAIN: Approved or Denied in the main Ethereum round

ECOSYSTEM: Approved or Denied to participate in a matching round

Grants-Help Support Channel on Discord

🙏 Please see if your grant is in the list below prior to asking in the Discord.

The column headers are the current status of the grant. This process was tested prior to grant 2779, and has been in use since then. (Not all approved grants are added here), if your grant is approved you probably don't need to inquire about it's status 😉

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These grant should be live and active.

Steward review means a Steward Review is being requested


These grants are waiting to be approved.

Either for a steward review

or because we requested more info from the grant owner

Denied - Platform

These grants violated the platform Terms of Service and will not be activated for any rounds.

Denied - Ecosystem

These grants have been excluded from the specific ecosystem or round, but are APPROVED for the platform.

Grant Eligibility Status