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Gitcoin creates technologies and opportunities that empower communities to fund, build, and protect what matters. Through the Gitcoin Grants Program, there has been over $54 million distributed to early-stage builders that champion public goods initiatives in decentralized finance (DeFi), climate, open sourcing, and beyond. Core products include Gitcoin Grants Stack, the end-to-end grants management solution, Allo Protocol, an open-source funding protocol, and Gitcoin Passport, an all-encompassing decentralized identity management tool.

Visit www.gitcoin.co to learn more, discover Gitcoin’s impact at https://impact.gitcoin.co/, and follow progress via @Gitcoin.

<aside> 📣 Mission Gitcoin creates technologies and opportunities that enable communities to build, fund and protect what matters


<aside> 📣 Vision Gitcoin inspires a world shaped by community-led positive change.


For all media inquiries, please contact Caolan Walsh, communications manager — caolan [at] gitcoin.co.

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Gitcoin Governance Forum

Gitcoin Governance


Executive Director of the Gitcoin Foundation, Kyle Weiss

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Kyle Weiss has been critical in the development of Gitcoin, overseeing the transition from an ImpactDAO to a ProtocolDAO. Having experienced firsthand the drawbacks of centralized corporate systems and processes, Kyle dedicated his attention to enabling communities to build, fund, and protect what matters to them. In pursuit of a sustainable, decentralized future, Kyle mentors the leaders within the Gitcoin community. Throughout his career, he has assisted many in applying their skills to new endeavors, encouraging everyone at Gitcoin to explore their abilities. As an advocate for the open web, Kyle’s role entails reducing friction, promoting collaboration, and securing the long-term health of the organization. This involves treasury management, attracting talent, and fostering relationships predicated on trust.

Head of Impact, Azeem Khan

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Azeem Khan is a serial entrepreneur, crypto investor, and Head of Impact at Gitcoin. A prominent social impact Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Gitcoin has distributed over $60 million in grants and helped create more than $29 billion in global financial impact.Azeem's entrepreneurial journey includes founding several startups, all of which have secured angel and venture investment. Through his leadership at Gitcoin, he has successfully raised and directed tens of millions of dollars to thousands of projects across the globe. Azeem is part of the World Economic Forum's Crypto Sustainability Coalition, Future of Global Fintech research initiative, co-led by the World Economic Forum and the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance. He also led UNICEF's first experiment in quadratic funding innovating traditional grants fundraising. And most recently led Shell’s trial in quadratic funding as well.

An alumnus of Boston University, Azeem holds a B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Medical Sciences. His thesis on circularized human genome sequencing at the Church Lab in Harvard Medical School is a testament to his scholarly dedication. Azeem's academic contributions have further been recognized through guest lectureships at prestigious institutions like Rice University, MIT, Columbia University, and Boston University. He's been recognized as one of Inc Magazine's '35 under 35' and has received grants from Harvard University's National Human Genome Research Institute and the Center for Excellence in Genomic Sciences at Harvard Medical School.

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