In GR15 PGF set forth a goal to kickstart a sustained effort to engage grantees for overall grant program success and to support grantees through relationship building and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Why are we not using Telegram or Discord groups?

While this would allow Grantees to connect, it could cause a number of challenges:


What do we build community for?

Gitcoin Grantee Hierarchy of Needs

  1. Community discovery
    1. Conduct 10 interviews with grantees to figure out a typical grantee journey
  2. Community journeys
    1. Define community journeys and decide specific touchpoints to involve grantees
    2. Communicate these journeys with other members of the DAO that are also working with grantees
  3. Community marketing
    1. Define avenues to reach out to communities without necessarily promoting or selling a product
    2. Take an educational approach to communicating with Grantees, directing them to key information that would be helpful
  4. Community created content
    1. Create spaces to encourage grantees to create and share artefacts (collections, blog posts, ideas)
    2. Provide avenues for grantees to take part in the governance forums, memepalooza, host library sessions, host twitter spaces
  5. Community health indicators
    1. Develop set of indicators unique to Gitcoin Grantees
    2. Prepare a set of interventions if certain indicators are bad


Heartbeat is a new communications platform that is ideal for managing communities. With Heartbeat, we could operate a light-weight community of Gitcoin Grantees.

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 1.06.33 PM.png

What Heartbeat would allow us to do: