What is this workstream?

Gitcoin Product Collective (GPC) is the product development arm for GitcoinDAO. Currently, we are developing two core protocols for the DAO: Passport and Grants Protocol. Passport is being developed by a dedicated team, while the Grants Protocol work is handled by two subteams (Grant Hub + Round Manager). You can learn about all the initiatives below.

Grants 2.0 Vision

The high-level vision for Grants 2.0 is to enable Gitcoin to move faster on both the “problem” (public goods funding) and the “meta-problem” (optimal capital allocation tool for public goods funding) by decentralizing our core Grants product domains. We think that creating an open-source, modular, and decentralized grants protocol will allow the community to rapidly test different public goods funding mechanisms on top of a deeply liquid registry of grants. Further, we believe that a decentralized protocol for public goods funding is a public good in and of itself. The core domains of the protocol are represented today by Passport, Grant Hub, Round Manager, and Grant Explorer.

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