Coordinating Workstreams

During the Cross Stream DAO Operations (CSDO) calls we collaboratively make decisions using various decision making processes, while ensuring all key stakeholders have a voice in the decision making process to steer the entire DAO towards its purpose & essential intents. The goal is to maximize workstream buy-in and minimizing unproductive time spent on execution of ideas without key stakeholder approval.

We have two types of meetings, the operational calls (CSDO Ops) or action meetings, and the strategy calls (CSDO Strategy)

You can find all meeting notes below and recordings are here.


We are now at our v3 of the format for this call. The initial version was pretty free in facilitation, the second version followed the integrative decision making process (holacracy), in v3 we follow the template for action meetings by The Ready. You can find this template here.

Below you can find a board with all projects that are currently ongoing.

The main goal of this call is to discuss anything that you need to get unblocked. Secondarily we give updates to our peers.

CSDO Strategy

CSDO Strategy calls happen bi-weekly and also on an ad-hoc basis whenever required or requested by the team.

During these calls we dive deeper on strategic topics. The topics covered during these sessions are linked to the purpose and intents of our DAO.

We do not use these calls to give presentations, but try to make them highly interactive.

Open projects

Action Items DB