About Ginger Security

GM! We Are Ginger Security. We are a security audit firm with a collective of 30+ years of experience in cybersecurity (both web2 and web3). With us, you can be sure that:


Prior to sending you the final output, we will notify your dev team of all issues found so that you may patch the code and send it to us for further review.

The final output includes:

<aside> 💡 Feel free to reach out to us for examples of either output.



The pricing works as follows:

Issue severity categorization

We assess the severity of disclosed vulnerabilities and issues according to the Cod4rena severity categorization system.

“Skin in the game” - your hats.finance vault

In order to give you and your users even more peace-of-mind, we stake 50% of your audit expenses into your project’s hats.finance vault on our own behalf for a whole year after the report is released. Essentially what this means is that, if a vulnerability is found in your project that we didn’t detect, up to 50% of our profits may be slashed.